7 Fascinating Fine Art Photographs of Trees

Trees are a fascinating subject for nature photographers, full of mystery, rich history, and unique forms that offer endless possibilities for an artist to feel inspired. A universally significant symbol of life, wisdom, spirituality, and vitality, tree art is also highly accessible to people learning how to get into fine art photography collecting and landscape photography. Trees are the giants of the modern world, the largest and most prolific plants worldwide, and an important resource for humans, animals, and the planet.

Among Max Foster’s body of work, you’ll find a selection of beautiful tree photography and fine art photography prints studying the unique individuality of these diverse plants. Here, we’re sharing seven that we absolutely love, and think are worthy of a little extra attention.

1. Resilience


Resilience, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of curved Aspen trees in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Moody and whimsical, Resilience depicts a cluster of curved aspen trees. Photographed in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, Resilience is part of Max Foster’s autumn gallery collection. Set against the bright canary yellow leaves of nearby aspens, the focus of this image is a group of s-curved trunks snaking upward and off the edge of the image. The magic of this photo is in the light: the subtle sunlight and smokey shadows create stunning visual contrast, and we think this tree photo would look stunning in a modern or minimalist home.

2. Medusa


Medusa, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of a Japanese Maple Tree from his Autumn gallery collection.

Striking color and brilliant vibrance are the first elements that hit you when you first gaze upon Medusa. No, this photograph won’t turn you to stone, but you might find yourself standing in one spot for longer than expected when you start admiring this fine art nature photo. The flame-red of this Japanese maple tree’s leaves fan out creating a feathery edge that stands out brilliantly against emerald green moss, hedges, and smaller trees.

3. The Ancient

The Ancient

The Ancient, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of an Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree in California from his Forests & Trees gallery collection.

Bristlecone pine trees are found in western North America, thriving in harsh environments with rocky soil, low rainfall, and extreme temperatures. Known to live for thousands of years, the oldest recorded bristlecone pine tree was estimated to be around 5,000 years old, and one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. The bristlecone pine tree featured in The Ancient was photographed by Max in California. Bare and gnarled, this stunning ancient bristlecone catches the light on its ribboned trunk and roots firmly to the crumbly mountainside.

4. Enlightened


Enlightened, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of bald cypress in Caddo Lake from his Bayou gallery collection.

The undisturbed bayous of Texas and Louisiana are densely packed ecosystems with thick tree canopies and brackish waters teeming with life. The bald cypress grows happily in the waters of the bayou, successfully reaching impressive heights of up to 100 feet. The tapered trunks give these towering wamp giants a sturdy base, which is encircled by a crown of spikey root projections. Enlightened captures a moment of serenity under the bald cypress canopy. Filtered sunlight illuminates the hanging lichen, and mingles with the misty surface of the bayou waters.

5. Deep Rooted

Deep Rooted

Deep Rooted, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of an old cedar tree in Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota from his Forests & Trees gallery collection.

Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota is home to stunningly preserved old forests, rushing waterfalls, and gorgeous hiking trails along Gooseberry River which empties into Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake. Along the bank of the Gooseberry River, basalt walls and paths jut upwards, creating a stunning rocky valley. Deep Rooted depicts an old cedar tree whose roots hold firmly to the rocky cliffs of Gooseberry Falls. Reaching in all directions, there’s no way to tell where the cedar’s roots begin and end.

6. Among Giants

Among Giants

Among Giants, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of a Giant Sequoia in Kings Canyon National Park.

Seemingly tiny snow-laden pines shoulder up to a giant sequoia in this stunning photograph. Taken at Kings Canyon National Park in California, Among Giants shows just how enormous the tallest trees in the world truly are. Reaching far above the other forest trees, giant sequoias grow to an average height of 160-280 feet, though rare specimens have been recorded at incredible heights of over 300 feet. The wintery, stoic vignette captured by Among Giants would look beautiful in a rustic home or cabin.

7. Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Angel Wings, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of the famous Angel Oak in South Carolina.

Angel Wings is Max Foster’s depiction of the famous Angel Oak on St. John’s Island in South Carolina. The Angel Oak is estimated to be nearly 400 years old and is considered a treasure by people in the region and conservationists. The tree’s sprawling branches (or wings) extend languidly to the sky and rest gracefully on the forest floor, and each is frosted with thick fuzzy moss.

We’re not the only ones who think these images deserve the spotlight! Three of Max’s tree photos were recently published in National Geographic’s Into the Forest: The Secret Language of Trees. Pick up a copy of Into the Forest on Amazon, and be sure to check out Max Foster’s full collection of tree photography wall art to find a tree that fascinates you.

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