Backlit Style Acrylic Prints Explained

What Are "Backlit" Style Acrylic Prints?

Backlit style acrylic prints are known for their three dimensional or "backlit" appearance which is the result of the printing and mounting techniques in combination with proper lighting of the artwork in a dim gallery space. You may recognize this style of acrylic print from world famous landscape photographer Peter Lik. Although Mr. Lik did not invent this printing style, he popularized it by showcasing large format prints in his galleries throughout the USA. This type of print is produced by using gallery quality high contrast papers such as Fujiflex or Lumachrome and face-mounting them to museum grade acrylic glass, which further enhances the depth and clarity of the print. To achieve the three-dimensional “backlit” appearance, the prints are not actually lit from behind, but rather must be brightly lit at a 30 degree angle from above.

Gallery Ultra TruLife Acrylic Print Construction

Bring your walls to life with Medusa, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of a Japanese Maple Tree from his Autumn gallery collection. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50. Photo © copyright by Max Foster

Many photographers use traditional methods of printing, framing and hanging. Most commonly, photographs are printed using a silver halide photographic paper or giclee method and are then framed under glass. The print itself does not touch the glass, which is one of the primary reasons these traditional prints do not achieve the same 3D look as acrylic facemounted prints. If you are searching for a stunning three-dimensional print with a modern look and feel, acrylic facemount is the crème de la crème. Although sometimes referred to as “backlit" style prints, they are more commonly called “Acrylic Facemount” or simply “Acrylic Prints” within the photographic industry.

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Facemounted Acrylic Prints for Sale

The artwork featured in this online gallery by Max Foster is available for sale as large format limited edition prints, handcrafted using the highest gallery quality materials available today. The museum quality work produced from this online gallery has a production limit of 50-100 per image. Each made-to-order print arrives numbered and signed by the artist along with a certificate of authenticity. Purchasing a piece from this online gallery can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every image product page. Simply click on the image, select the print size and medium of your choice, enter your personal information and proceed to check out.

Discover the Max Foster Fine Art Gallery Collection

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