Black & White Wall Art for a Modern Home

Nature is full of vivid color, but black and white photography has a unique way of capturing an image, and makes for gorgeous wall decor. Framed prints of black and white fine art photography can change the emotion and tone of the room simply by existing in monochrome.

In shots without color, there’s no hue shifts to distract the eye. Without color, the composition of the photograph becomes even more important, and mood and motion are often intensified. Black and white photography lends itself well to capturing natural landscapes, as it is well-suited to picking up fine detail and contrasting textures. In fact, one of the most famous modern photographers, Ansel Adams, shot his nature photography almost exclusively in black and white!

Whispering Pines Monochrome

Whispering Pines Monochrome, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of Yosemite National Park from his Black & White gallery collection.

Why Choose Black and White Wall Art?

Some people choose black and white photography for a vintage look, but if your home design is modern, black and white photography is also accessible to you. Modern black and white photography is a far cry from the muted, grainy images from years past.

During the early days of photography, black and white images were your only option. The earliest true photographs, called daguerreotypes, exposed plates of silver-plated copper polished to a mirror finish to various chemical fumes to prepare them for exposure. These photographs turned out in monochrome and could capture extremely fine detail, but they were expensive and required exposure to toxic chemicals like mercury. Other early photographic processes could turn out sepia images or black and white images, usually with limited resolution and detail.

Winter's Embrace

Winter's Embrace, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of a hoar frost covered tree from his Winter gallery collection.

Today’s black and white photography, however, couldn’t be more different. Black and white is a choice, not a necessity, and when photographers shoot in black and white or edit to black and white, they have to consider the composition of the image and the emotion it conveys. What story will a picture tell when the color is stripped bare? How will it make the viewer feel?

These are all things you have to consider when you’re choosing black and white wall art. Black and white fine art prints will look great no matter where you put them, but you need to choose the right eye catching pieces for your space. Fortunately, black and white photography is extremely versatile and will look great in your modern home design.


Moondust, Max Foster's limited edition black and white photography print of desert mud cracks in New Mexico from his Abstract Nature gallery collection.

Black and White Wall Art For Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a calming oasis, a safe haven where you can relax and rejuvenate. Black and white art prints of water like The Calm and Fountain of Life, feature milky white water that was created when the photographer used a slightly longer exposure time. This creates a misty softness on the water that’s eye-catching and soothing all at once.

Similarly, soft monochrome images of fog and mist, like Sleepy Hollow or The Mirage, promote a tranquil atmosphere of serenity and peace. The soft twilight world created by these images will exude a calm energy, perfect for your sleeping space.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow, Max Foster's limited edition black & white photography print of the rolling hills of Tuscany enveloped in fog from his Italy gallery collection.

Black and White Wall Art For The Living Room

There’s lots of things that black and white wall art can do in a modern living room. Black and white photographs have a great depth and can make any room look bigger. Landscapes like Time and Chance Monochrome or Springtime Grandeur Monochrome have expansive horizontal depth and contrasting midtones in the middle third of the image. This leads to a grander sense of scale, which in turn makes the room they’re in seem larger.

Abstract black and white wall art is sophisticated and can create a focal point for both the eye and discussion. An evocative abstract image like Eternal Flame Monochrome looks beautiful and gives people something to interpret. Black and white photography allows you to see texture and detail more clearly, so a piece with contrasting textures like this really benefits from being in monochrome.

Eternal Flame Monochrome

Eternal Flame Monochrome, Max Foster's limited edition aerial photography print of a river in Iceland from his Black & White gallery collection.

Black and White Wall Art For The Hallway

Even the hallways of your home can benefit from some black and white wall art. Framed art prints can interrupt a boring stretch of wall and create a sense of motion. Your hallway is a transitory space after all, and images that convey motion and energy will add a nice touch to this space. The energy of Boulder Alley Monochrome comes across with intensity as water rushes over the rocks; it’s the perfect image to set the stage for transition from one activity to the next.

Boulder Alley Monochrome

Boulder Alley Monochrome, Max Foster's limited edition photography print of Elowah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge from his Black & White gallery collection.

Black and White Wall Art For Everywhere

Ready to hang black and white wall art prints will look incredible anywhere in your home and are an easy way to change a space’s energy and mood. Max Foster’s Black and White Photography Gallery is home to many incredible black and white images of nature that convey any tone or mood that you’re looking for. No matter how you want your home to look, there is a black and white nature photograph that will look stunning on your walls.

Until The End Of Time

Until The End Of Time, Max Foster's limited edition black and white photography print of Toroweap from his Grand Canyon gallery collection.