Dye-Sublimation Metal Prints | Why We Don't Recommend Them

Metal prints have become hugely popular over the last few years with customers and photographers alike. The most common metal prints on the market today are dye-sublimation prints. These prints are created by infusing an image under high heat and pressure onto an aluminum substrate. While these dye-sublimation metal prints are very durable, the resulting image is not as sharp or vivid as what can be achieved with an Acrylic Print. Additionally, the dye sublimation process is very finicky and if not done exactly right with the best equipment, materials, and procedures, it is susceptible to the following issues:

Inaccurate Color Reproduction - While most colors can be replicated according to the original image file, the color green tends to be more difficult to replicate.

Softness - Even when transferred correctly, dye sublimation prints lack the sharpness that mediums such as Acrylic are able to achieve. This is compounded if there is even the slightest movement of the paper during the image transfer.

Metal Substrate Imperfections - On rare occasions imperfections such as chipping or flaking may be found in the Chromaluxe aluminum substrate.

Rather than offer Metal Prints that will meet expectations MOST of the time, we have chosen instead to offer Lumachrome Acrylic Prints & Fujiflex Paper Prints that will meet expectations and provide superior quality EVERY time.