Incredible Tree Photography | Fine Art Nature Gallery

Enchanted Forests | Beautiful Trees | Limited Edition Photography Art Gallery

This is a collection of fine art nature photography by Max Foster showcasing the awe inspiring beauty of forests and trees. Trees are universally symbolic of life and change, growth and fortitude. Growing up, I wandered the forest searching for unique trees and spent time under their branches in awe of their sheer size and individuality. Now as a photographer, I still seek out trees for their beauty and comfort. I’ve wandered the Japanese Maples of the Pacific Northwest, Redwoods and Sequoias of California, the Maples of New England, the Bristlecones of the high country, the Aspens of Colorado and the Bald Cypresses of the American South. Each tree has its own story, its own character. The images below bear witness to the incredible trees of our planet earth. - Max Foster