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If you have ever walked The Strip in Las Vegas, explored the Old Town of Key West or caught a movie at the Isis Theatre in Aspen, it’s likely you have seen the impressive photography galleries of Peter Lik®. Bold, large format prints and galleries with exotic wood floors, trendy furniture and perfect lighting catch the passersby’s attention. With galleries in hot locations around the USA, Peter Lik has done what most photographers only dream of. Boasting over $700 million in all time landscape photography print sales, 4 of the top 20 most expensive photographs ever sold and his own luxury real estate company, Peter Lik is at the top of his game. Who is the man behind this photography empire, and what has enabled Peter Lik to do so well in a market that many others struggle in? In this article we will discuss:

Beacon of Hope, Portland, Oregon. © copyright by Max Foster
"Beacon of Hope", Portland, Oregon. © by Max Foster

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Who is Peter Lik®?

Peter Lik was born in Australia in 1959. At only 8 years old, he used a Kodak Brownie camera to capture his first photograph, a spiderweb in his family’s garden. He continued taking photos on family vacations and road trips with friends and discovered a passion for the artistic side of photography. In 1984, Lik traveled to the United States for the first time and spent a year driving around and photographing in an old van. While in the USA, Lik discovered the panoramic format camera that he is now so well known for. Later that same year, Lik sold his first photograph to a calendar company in San Francisco and began his journey in the world of professional photography. He continued traveling extensively and photographing lesser known areas around the USA and Australia throughout the 80’s and 90’s, which led him to open his first gallery in Cairns in 1997. Lik had always wanted to move to the USA full time, and in 2001 he took the plunge and opened a new gallery in San Francisco. This gallery struggled and ultimately closed, but after a visit to Hawaii he opened his first successful gallery in Lahaina, Maui.

Palm Trees & Daydreams by Max Foster Photography
"Palm Trees & Daydreams", Lanikai, Hawaii by Max Foster Photography

Record Breaking Sales

The success of Peter's Maui gallery was a turning point in Lik’s business career, causing demand for his work to soar. By 2010 he not only had multiple US based galleries but also started to focus on single edition photographs for high net worth collectors. His photograph “One” sold for $1 million dollars in 2010, followed by the world record-breaking sale of “Phantom” for $6.5 million dollars in 2014. Peter was not well known to the general public at this time, but after the Weather Channel produced the TV show “From the Edge” starring Lik his popularity increased dramatically. Fast forward to 2020 and Lik now has 14 USA galleries, his own production facility in Las Vegas and has sold over $700 million in photo prints. Still traveling up to 3 months each year and adding new photographs to his massive portfolio, Lik is showing no signs of slowing down.

Spirit Animal by Max Foster Photography
"Spirit Animal", Antelope Canyon, Arizona by Max Foster Photography

Most Famous Peter Lik® Photographs

Lik’s work itself is quite different than the photographs that typically captivate the high-end art world. To describe his work briefly, his images are bold, colorful, scenic and appeal to the masses. Many images are of recognizable landmarks, which tourists visiting his galleries connect with from past experiences. One does not need an art history degree to appreciate the work of Peter Lik, which is likely why he does so well. People feel nostalgia for places they have visited, or want to visit, and that drives sales.

Lasting Impressions by Max Foster Photography
"Lasting Impressions", Groton State Forest, Vermont by Max Foster Photography

Some of the most famous Peter Lik® photographs include:

  • "Phantom" - A photo of a slot canyon with a light beam shining through taken in Antelope Canyon, Arizona sold for $6.5 million dollars, becoming the most expensive photo ever sold.
  • "The One" - A photo of the reflection of trees in water during peak autumn color.
  • "Tree of Life" - A photo of a Japanese Maple tree bursting with full fall colors.
  • "Beneath the Sun" - A photo of the Grand Canyon & Colorado river taken at Toroweap Lookout.
  • "Island Hideaway" - A photo of palm tree shadows over Lanikai beach in Oahu.
Rim to Rim by Max Foster Photography
"Rim to Rim", Toroweap, Grand Canyon by Max Foster Photography

What Camera Does Peter Lik® Use?

After visiting a Peter Lik® gallery, many people wonder how he makes his images look backlit and three dimensional. Is it the camera? The printing method? Lighting? It is actually a combination of these elements that create the signature look. Lik has used many cameras in his career, but most often the Linhoff Technorama 6x17, Phase One, Nikon D800E and Nikon D850. These are quite popular cameras, each in a different timeframe. Available to the public, they are expensive but in reach for most photographers.

Majestic Valley by Max Foster Photography
"Majestic Valley", Yosemite National Park by Max Foster Photography

What Makes His Acrylic Prints Appear "Backlit"?

After capture, Peter Lik® (or his team of retouchers) post processes the images to enhance color, contrast and light using Adobe Photoshop and similar programs. Afterward, the images are readied for printing. Using lightjet printers and a true photographic printing process, Lik’s team produces the final images on Fujiflex Pearl and similar papers which are then facemounted to crystal-clear acrylic. The back of the prints also utilize an acrylic or comatex backing, and then are either externally framed or given a frameless rear float mount. When displayed in a Lik gallery, the images are lit from above at a 30 degree angle to bring out the 3D backlit effect. In summary, Peter Lik's acrylic prints are not backlit, but rather the print materials, display method and 30 degree angled lighting creates the illusion that makes it seem as though it is.

Gallery Ultra TruLife Acrylic Print Construction

Peter Lik® galleries differ from most art galleries and boutiques in several ways. Rather than the typical white walls, quiet contemplative atmosphere and aloof consultants, Lik’s galleries are in-your-face with bold lighting, huge prints, rock music and sales personnel that do not shy away from pushing a sale. Although unheard of in traditional gallery settings, it has proven to be a highly effective method for Lik. Currently, Lik has the following 14 physical gallery locations:

  • Lik Gallery - Aspen, Colorado
  • Lik Gallery - Caesars, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lik Gallery - Chicago, Illinois
  • Lik Gallery - The Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lik Gallery - Key West, Florida
  • Lik Gallery - Lahaina, Maui
  • Lik Gallery - La Jolla, California
  • Lik Gallery - Madison Avenue, New York, New York
  • Lik Gallery - Mandalay, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lik Gallery - Miami, Florida
  • Lik Gallery - Soho, New York, New York
  • Lik Gallery - The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lik Gallery - Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Lik Gallery - Washington, D.C.
48x72 Inch TruLife Acrylic Print of Garden of Eden by Max Foster
48x72" TruLife Acrylic Print of "Garden of Eden" by Max Foster Photography

Phantom Photograph: The Peter Lik® Controversy

Like his unorthodox galleries, Peter Lik® is known for his unapologetically confident and boastful personality. Perhaps because of this, he has been a source of controversy in both the fine art world and beyond. Most notably, the New York Times published an in-depth interview and short biographical article in 2015 that contained several contentious statements by Lik, such as, “If you’re in Caesars Palace, you’re no joke, that was a huge turning point. I’m in Caesars. I’m God. Nailed it.” This statement alone was fodder for photographers to argue over for months, if not years. Although not exactly humble, Lik has certainly backed up his boasts with an undeniable amount of success. Nonetheless, his "Phantom" photograph sale made headlines in December 2014 as it was reportedly sold to an anonymous phantom buyer for $6.5 million dollars, controversially becoming the most expensive photo ever sold. Generally, high dollar sales are facilitated by an auction house or broker and are verifiable. None of Peter Lik’s sales have occurred in this manner, leading many to believe that it is simply another marketing tactic to generate interest in the Lik brand and thus has come under scrutiny from the art world.

Sunshine Factory by Max Foster Photography
"Sunshine Factory", Crystal Mill, Colorado by Max Foster Photography

Should You Buy a Peter Lik® Print?

Collecting art is typically approached from several angles. Often, art is purchased as an investment that is expected to appreciate in value. Alternatively, art may be acquired because the collector connects with the piece and finds it beautiful, unique or otherwise compelling. There are no right or wrong answers, it just depends on what your intention is. Lik’s limited edition work is usually sold in editions of 950, plus several artist proof prints. This is not exactly “limited edition” in the sense of rarity, but it is good for Lik’s sales volume. Lik prints start at around $3,700 for the smallest limited edition, unframed size. As the size increases, the price follows suit. When the edition begins to sell, the pricing model follows a tiered structure; essentially, as more prints sell the higher the price gets. The final images in an edition may sell for upwards of $80,000. With that in mind, if you are taken with an image of Lik’s and have the financial wherewithal to afford it, buy it!

Elemental by Max Foster Photography
"Elemental", Iceland by Max Foster Photography

There are many collectors that own several Lik prints. One thing to consider if you plan on purchasing a Lik print as an appreciating asset is that the secondary market is unlikely to pay more than what you paid. In fact, it is likely the print would fetch far less on the secondary art market than the initial investment. Artbrokerage.com is a common broker for the secondary market, and at the time of this writing over 1,600 Lik prints were listed for sale (far more than any other artist). That vast majority of these are listed at (and sell at), prices far less than their initial purchase price at a Lik gallery. This is not necessarily a reason to avoid purchasing a Lik print, but clearly they are not a reliably appreciable asset.

From Here to Eternity by Max Foster Photography
"From Here to Eternity", Oahu, Hawaii by Max Foster Photography

Peter Lik Alternatives & Similar Styles

In today’s digital world, physical commercial art galleries are on the decline. It is not uncommon to see galleries shuttered, as people spend more time making purchases online. There are still holdouts in tourist cities (such as Lik’s home, Las Vegas) and small towns across the USA, but not like the large number in years gone by. There are many alternatives to Lik prints on the market today, and most can be found online. When searching for comparable art, it is crucial that the collector verifies the materials, quality and service prior to making an investment. One significant benefit to purchasing online is the elimination of gallery overhead. This can often provide up to a 50% savings with no reduction in quality. The wide range of art options online can be confusing, but typically you will find more unique high end, limited edition prints on individual artist websites versus large resellers.

Under The Tuscan Sun by Max Foster Photography
"Under The Tuscan Sun", Tuscany, Italy by Max Foster Photography

The "Backlit" Look for Less | Max Foster Photography

As a professional landscape photographer, I have always been focused on quality. My primary goal is to provide collectors incredibly detailed images with the highest quality materials available today. My Lumachrome facemounted acrylic prints offer the widest color gamut, sharpest detail and most three-dimensional look on the market. When combined with optically clear or Trulife acrylic, my prints offer the same "backlit" style as Lik, and at a much more approachable price point. My limited editions are produced in quantities of 50 and 100, versus the 950 that Lik offers. If you are looking for a unique image from a place you have fond memories of or are dreaming of traveling to, I encourage you to search my galleries. I am confident that our world class customer service and beautiful imagery will exceed your expectations at every step along the way.

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