Wall Art Size Calculator For Fine Art Photography

Wondering what the ideal size of artwork should be for your wall? Look no further! Whether you are hanging fine art on an empty wall or plan to hang above existing furniture, you can use these wall art calculators to determine which print size will look best in your space.

Wall Art Size Calculator for Fine Art Photography
A 72" wide print is the perfect size over a 96" wide sofa.

A 72" acrylic print of "Sparkling Positano" hanging on a 126" wall.
A 72 inch acrylic print of Garden of Eden hanging on a 100 inch wall.
A 72" acrylic print of "Garden of Eden" hanging on a 100" wall.
Wall Art Size Calculator for Fine Art Photography
A 60" acrylic print of "My Roots Run Deep" over an 80" sofa and a 45" acrylic print of "Resilience" on a 75" wall.

Large Format Fine Art Acrylic Prints by Max Foster

At Max Foster Photography, our fine art prints are available in sizes ranging from 12x18" to 60x90" with custom sizing available as well. We offer our Gallery Ultra Trulife Acrylic Prints in a frameless option as well as in a selection of beautiful Italian wood frames to suit the style of your unique space. If you would like to see what one of our prints would look like on your wall, please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary digital mockup.

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