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F-Stop Collaborate and Listen | May 2019

F-Stop Collaborate and Listen | A Landscape Photography Podcast

Max Foster - 15 Months of RV Life & Landscape Photography

"Welcome to Episode 106 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Max Foster!

Gold Rush by Max Foster

Max Foster is a fantastic travel and landscape photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who has been travelling the United States with his wife for the last 15 months in their RV. Max is also one of two founding members of "Our World in Focus" - a photography contest website that he started with his friend Matt Meisenheimer. Max and Matt's goal was to create a contest site that offered great prizes at a low cost of entry with great sponsors and fantastic judges.

In this episode of the podcast, Max visited with me in person here in Durango on the last leg of his epic RV trip across the country. We recorded the podcast in Max's RV and talked about a lot of fun topics, including: Max's journey into landscape photography, Max's goal for his 15-month RV trip including various logistics, his use of Campendium.com, stories, how to live with your spouse in a 200 sq ft. home, suggestions for others looking to do a similar trip, and a lot more, Max's realizations about social media gleaned from his RV trip, Photography and business thought processes, and Our World in Focus photography contests."

      Written & Produced by Matt Payne for F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast