Kare 11 News | Twin Cities Couple Logs 50K-mile Road Trip Adventure Written by Ellery McCardle Max and Amy at Mount Rainier National...

Kare 11 News | 50,000 Mile USA Road Trip Adventure

August 2019

Kare 11 News | Twin Cities Couple Logs 50K-mile Road Trip Adventure

Written by Ellery McCardle

Max & Amy at Mount Rainier National Park
Max and Amy at Mount Rainier National Park

We're well into summer, which means many of you have probably taken a road trip by now. I just got back from a trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota, which according to AAA, is one of the most popular road trip destinations this summer. I've heard from a lot of you on social media about where you're going this summer as well. I always love hearing about people's travels.

But here's a question... would you drop everything, put your 'normal' life on hold and go on a year-long road trip? That's exactly what Max and Amy Foster did this past year. I stumbled upon this couple on Instagram last year and recently saw one a post that they had just arrived home. So, I just had to talk with them about their adventure.

Here's the story, Max came to Amy one night and proposed that they quit their jobs and hit the road. Max is photographer, so this trip would definitely fit in with his passion for taking photos. It was a big undertaking for this couple because they describe themselves as planners. But on this trip, they decided to let nature dictate where they'd end up. "We didn't really have a firm plan as to where we wanted to go at a specific time. Just generally, we want to be in the Pacific Northwest in the spring and we want to be on the East Coast for fall colors," said Max.

Halcyon Skies
"Halcyon Skies", Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

They bought a bright red camper and started on their journey in February 2018. Their first stop? Florida where it's warm. From there, they traveled 50,000 miles to 45 states, Canada and 30 National Parks. "There is so much to see here in the U.S. and the landscape is so diverse, the cultures within the U.S. are so diverse and it's worth seeing," said Amy Foster.

Each have their own favorite spots. Amy loved Grand Teton National Park and Max loved California. "Experiences mean a whole lot and are more important than material things," said Amy. "A calculated risk can really be rewarding so you know we look back at this and there's no regrets whatsoever," said Max. Up next for this couple, getting used to living in a non-moving home again. And they really want to go on a road trip to Alaska.

Original Article & TV Interview by Ellery McCardle for Kare 11 News

Majestic Valley
"Majestic Valley", Yosemite National Park, California.
Teton Magic
"Teton Magic", Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.