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Photo Feature | Forces of Nature

Outdoor Photographer | March 2020

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Forces of Nature by Max Foster

Forces of Nature by Max Foster

Outdoor Photographer Magazine | March 2020

My wife and I recently completed a 15-month RV road trip around the United States, covering over 50,000 miles along the way. One of the most diverse and compelling places we visited was Death Valley in California. We spent 15 days driving and hiking around the varied landscape, exploring everything from sand dunes to narrow canyons.

On our last day in the park, I scouted this playa for hours looking for abstract crack patterns. I was mainly focused on shooting small scenes straight down towards the cracks when I came across this gigantic rift in the desert floor. Looking along the rift, I excitedly realized that it pointed directly toward the peaks in the background. As I waited, the sun lit up the mountain range in gorgeous warm light, and the clouds complemented the scene perfectly. I quickly composed and capture the scene before the light faded away at sunset. Walking back to my truck, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The elements had aligned in my favor, and I'd captured the Death Valley shot I was after all along.